Repost: Children – You Can’t Buy The Games, But Here’s Some Toys! BUY THEM NOW!!!

This is a repost of a blog originally published in November 2012, after Kotaku recently took a similar look at Activision’s decision to release Call of Duty themed Mega Blocks.

One of the strange ‘advantages’ of having a child is that you can watch cartoons almost guilt free. And so what if my daughter is only 8 months old? We can watch Ultimate Spider-Man if we want to! But I digress…

Inevitably kids TV channels are filled to the brim with toy adverts because a) it’s kids TV and b) Christmas is coming! But one advert left me a little uncomfortable today.

Gears of War has Meccano sets out!

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Exploration and Simple Distractions

More than 100 hours in to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo’s masterpiece continues to throw up surprises.

Shortly after starting a new save on Fallout 4, a building I’d never realised was open for exploration fell into my lap.

In a time where big budget games are so often filled with bullets, bangs and bombs, these little moments of unexpected discovery and distraction are a welcome balm.

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